• Individually Focused

    PGXL is a laboratory built to advance personalized medicine. We help physicians incorporate genetic understanding into their practices for the benefit of their patients. More

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  • The Ability to Do More

    Researchers who need to add genetics to their trial design need a partner that brings more than testing capabilities to the table. PGXL’s scientists have participated in hundreds of trials, and no one knows more about incorporating genetics into clinical trials than we do. More

  • Single Cell Recovery and Characterization

    Genetic variation in tumors and circulating tumor cells can play a role in disease progression and treatment. PGXL’s exclusive single cell sorting and isolation provides molecular information at the level of individual cells.  More.

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About PGxl

PGXL is an internationally recognized pioneer in the application of molecular diagnostics to pharmacogenetics and is the first laboratory to be CLIA-certified specifically for pharmacogenetics testing. The company was founded in 2005 by Dr. Roland Valdes, Jr., and Dr. Mark W. Linder, researchers who are among the worldwide thought leaders in the science underlying personalized medicine. Our scientists are leading the way in the incorporation of genetic information into the practice of medicine.

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PGxl Blog

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    Midwestern home health and hospice provider ViaQuest is using the PGXL multi-drug diagnostic panel to add pharmacogenetic testing to their pain management program. ...

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    According to a report by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, more than 100 million American suffer from persistent pain ...

  • NeXosome™ Technical Details

    ABOUT THE NEXOSOME PLATFORM Recent work characterizing the systematic and purposeful shedding of biomarker-rich microvesicles or exosomes from cancer and other ...

  • The Coming Fusion of Personalized Medicine

    PGXL histotech Joelle Weaver, interviewed about her job and helping set up the new Anatomic Pathology lab at PGXL. In ...