• Genetic Drug Sensitivity Testing, Simplified

    PGXL’s panel eases the management of pharmaceutical therapy to give physicians the whole picture, predicting how drugs will interact with each other and the patient’s genetics, in a single report. More

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  • The Ability to Do More

    Researchers who need to add genetics to their trial design need a partner that brings more than testing capabilities to the table. PGXL’s scientists have participated in hundreds of trials, and no one knows more about incorporating genetics into clinical trials than we do. More

  • Single Cell Recovery and Characterization

    Genetic variation in tumors and circulating tumor cells can play a role in disease progression and treatment. PGXL’s exclusive single cell sorting and isolation provides molecular information at the level of individual cells.  More.

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About PGxl

PGXL is an internationally recognized pioneer in the application of pharmacogenetics to personalized medicine.  The company was founded in 2005 by Dr. Roland Valdes, Jr., and Dr. Mark W. Linder, researchers who are worldwide thought leaders in the science underlying personalized medicine. The lab is CLIA and CAP certified, and has been set-up to provide quick and accurate testing for both clinical use and research.

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  • Faster Isolation and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells

    PGXL has installed the faster and more analytically powerful Version 2 DEPArrayTM. The system isolates individual, intact cells, enabling researchers ...

  • PGXL Adds NextGen Sequencing

    PGXL Technologies, which identifies and developes promising personalized medicine technologies, has validated and is now offering Next Generation Sequencing services. While ...

  • CAP Accreditation

    PGXL's expanded lab has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) after an exacting period of preparation and ...

  • PGXL Software Cleared for Clinical Trials

    PGXL's PerMIT software has received regulatory clearance for a clinical trial involving up to 720 patients. PerMIT:Warfarin is a decision support software ...

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