About Prescient Medicine

The power to predict can strengthen the ability to heal and prevent disease. That’s why Prescient Medicine is dedicated to uncovering critical insights that enable more informed, more effective care. We see this as the next frontier in healthcare, and we’re passionate about bringing it to life today. The need is critical, the technology is ready, and the time is now.

Through our expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology, we’ve created powerful tests and analytics that deliver the right information necessary to make the correct choice at the appropriate time. Our genetic-based tests target patient outcomes and management in two key areas: medication interaction and medication efficacy. With actionable results in hand, physicians can better prescribe compatible therapies and also predict how a patient might react to potential treatment options.

And Prescient is just getting started. We’ve discovered that equipping doctors with deeper predictive intelligence opens the door to entirely new possibilities in personalized medicine. So we’re continuing to expand our industry-leading portfolio by building new procedures, kits, and online apps. We’re also partnering with device manufacturers and institutions to uncover new ways to harness the power of our advanced analytics.

It’s all in service of our belief that the next frontier in healthcare delivery has already arrived—and we’re honored to be among its pioneers.


Dr. Keri J. Donaldson Chief Executive Officer & Medical Director

Dr. Keri Donaldson’s work as Medical Director and CEO of Prescient Medicine is fueled by an extensive background in the fields of pathology, genomics, and diagnostics. An active ad hoc reviewer and consultant, Dr. Donaldson has earned a reputation as an innovative member of the medical community and garnered key positions within respected institutions and national committees. Throughout his time with Penn State College of Medicine, he’s served as Assistant Professor of Pathology (also at Hershey Medical Center), Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences (a joint appointment also at Hershey Medical Center), Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry. He was certified as a diplomate of both the American Board of Pathology and the National Board of Medical Examiners, and is a frequent guest speaker at regional and national symposia. Dr. Donaldson holds a BS from Pennsylvania State University, an MD from Temple University School of Medicine, and a master of science in clinical epidemiology (MSCE) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Brian Eichenberger Chief Information Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in systems development, implementation and integration, Brian Eichenberger delivers a wide range of expertise in his work with Prescient Medicine. He serves as head of the Technology Team in the development of laboratory information systems, analytics, and smart app platforms. His responsibilities include the vision, strategy, and implementation of all aspects of information technology, telecommunications, and client operations. Before joining Prescient Medicine, Brian held multiple leadership positions at CVS Health, including a Senior Director role in which he managed day-to-day client operations and technology development for an $18 billion client portfolio with a $150 million technology budget. His time spent supporting automating and initiatives within new health plan features, regulatory and compliance controls, disease management applications, prescription fulfillment, and adjudication solutions earned him multiple “CVS Breakthrough” awards in recognition of technology achievements and innovation. Brian has senior IT leadership expertise in various industries, both domestic and international. However, he gravitated towards healthcare early on, leading the Product Development Team on the initial start-up of the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) to develop innovative solutions to unique and complex challenges in the healthcare supply chain space. Brian has a BS in economics/accounting from the University of Illinois.

Tim Kanter Chief Commercial Officer

Tim Kanter is a demonstrated leader in marketing and sales—both in and out of the healthcare environment. He has successfully initiated and implemented branded and unbranded initiatives in both pre-launch and inline phases of marketing. His strong understanding of how to effectively develop and execute a strategic plan covers branding and sales, ensuring his efforts always align with corporate objectives.

Tim has worked for major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies including Baxalta/Baxter, Novo Nordisk, and ALTANA Pharma in both US and global roles. Most recently, he consulted with a variety of companies in the preparation and launch of new products and initiatives within multiple therapeutic areas. His background extends to marketing, sales, management, and strategic planning. Possessing strong written, interpersonal, and presentation skills, he is an accomplished professional with a passion for improving patient outcomes. Tim holds a BS from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

Terry Minton Chief Operating Officer

Terry Minton is responsible for developing and executing operational priorities for the Prescient Medicine Louisville office. He has more than 30 years experience leading operations, business development and commercialization for multiple technologies. As the CEO of Aptamera, Inc. Mr. Minton led efforts resulting in the development of a cancer drug candidate from the bench to human clinical trials in a twenty-four month period. He has served as director of operations for a 700 employee division of a $500 million long-term care rehab company. Mr. Minton has also led initiatives including a multi-million dollar strategic partnership on behalf of Humana, Inc. leveraging personalized medicine technology. Mr. Minton’s depth and diversity of experience provide the Prescient Medicine Louisville office with strong and capable local leadership.

Karen Milakovic Director of Operations

Karen has spent over four decades working in administrative, regulatory, technical, and financial roles within the healthcare industry. She began her career with the Polyclinic Medical Center Blood Bank, serving in a variety of supervising capacities, before moving on to the University Hospital Blood Bank at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. As their Chief Technologist, she directed a staff of 25 nurses, clerks, and medical technologists and managed the facility’s blood and blood component inventory. Before joining Prescient as Director of Operations, Karen spent more than 10 years with the Penn State Hershey Medical Center—first as the Assistant Manager for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and ultimately serving as the department’s Operations Director. Her responsibilities in that role included preparation and oversight of the budget, management of various regulatory activities, and the direction of 17 laboratories with approximately 310 employees. Karen is certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and was a member of the American Association of Blood Banks. She received her BA and graduate degree in biology from Messiah College and Wake Forest University, respectively. She also has a graduate certificate in computer information systems.

Dr. Dave Cardamone Technical Director

A frequent lecturer at prominent medical associations and educational institutions, Dave has more than 18 years of experience with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. His roles have ranged from Lead Medical Technologist to Manager of Clinical Chemistry, and he was instrumental in bringing a range of new assays to the university laboratory—including STAT testing for adrenal vein sampling and improved testing for dialysis patients. Over the course of his professional career, Dave has been featured in over 20 industry publications. He is committed to meeting clients’ needs by providing customized toxicology panels, and holds a special passion for bringing rapid phenylketonuria testing to the market. He holds a BS in clinical laboratory science from Neumann University, an MS in clinical chemistry from West Chester University, and a PhD from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

John Ebbs Director of Business Development

John brings to Prescient over 20 years of successful selling and marketing of experiences within the healthcare industry. John has worked for top IVD companies including Sysmex, Siemens, Bio-Rad, Quest, and Abbott. His work began in sales and he soon found himself in ever increasing roles of responsibility—Area Account Manager, Regional Instrument Specialist, Corporate Account Manager, and field based marketing. John has spent the last eight years in marketing roles covering the America’s, and has successfully launched medical devices and assays throughout this region. During this time, he managed distribution relationships with partners in North and South America, and played a major part in global development teams working on next generation medical devices. John offers true passion and a wealth of experience in facilitating clinical trials for IVD companies. He holds a BS in business administration/marketing from Frostburg State University.

Matthew Judge Sullivan Managing Director – Northeast

Matthew’s impressive career includes over 25 years of commercial experience with high-growth laboratory service and medical device diagnostic businesses. He has led teams for Abbott Laboratories, i-STAT Corporation, Baxter Healthcare, Ameritox, Quest Diagnostics, and Laboratory Corporation of America. His proven leadership in marketing, strategic planning and acquisition, managed care and reimbursement, and a variety of sales arenas allowed him to find success in scaling startups to exit, as well as running Fortune 500 business units. A founding member with the i-STAT corporation, Matthew helped establish their leadership in the critical point-of-care testing market and led their $460M integration with Abbott Laboratories. He was instrumental in scaling Ameritox in the Northeast region, working to institutionalize the sales process and expand the customer-facing team. Under his leadership, sales and profit tripled—resulting in almost a billion dollar capitalization by 2011. While at Quest Diagnostics, Matthew reviewed and implemented changes to the strategic marketing plan for the new pain drug monitoring expansion, and led the tactical implementation of the new business unit. He also engineered the growth of the sales team, which resulted in a 100% increase in top line sales in one year. Prior to joining Prescient Medicine, he was an Area Director of Business Development with P/L responsibility of $320M and a team of forty sales managers, sales representatives, and account managers with Laboratory Corporation of America. Matthew is a graduate of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.

Jason Correll Vice President-Sales Operations

With over 15 years of direct sales experience in the healthcare industry, Jason has a proven track record as a dynamic sales professional. His impact at startups such as Vision BioSystems (later bought by Leica BioSystems) and GenMark Diagnostics included dramatically increased market share and surpassed sales goals—and he successfully built each of his regions from the ground up, creating multimillion-dollar revenue generators. Jason’s expertise in Six Sigma and Miller Heiman methodologies allowed him to move into management and training positions within larger organizations, from Dako North American to Leica BioSystems. His commitment to providing the absolute best customer service experience to his clients has helped Prescient rapidly expand its customer base and become a national leader in customer service support. Jason earned his bachelors of science from Penn State University.

Dr. Laurence M. Demers Senior Scientific Advisor

A clinical biochemist at Prescient Medicine, Dr. Laurence M. Demers (DABCC, FACB) is an accomplished researcher, author of medical texts, and clinical trial investigator—within both the pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic industries. His research is concentrated in molecular diagnostics, laboratory automation, thyroid disease, metabolic bone disease and breast cancer, leading to authorship on over 720 publications. Dr. Demers’s past and present board memberships include standouts such as President of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, President of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, the founding Director of Clinical Chemistry at the M.S. Hershey Medical Center, founding Director of the Core Endocrine Laboratory in the Pennsylvania State University Hospital, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Merrimack College, and Director of the Pennsylvania State Clinical Research Center Core Laboratory. A diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry and a fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, Dr. Demers holds a PhD in biochemistry from the State University of New York and an AB in biology from Merrimack College—where in 2011 he was awarded an honorary doctor of science. Dr. Demers is a distinguished professor emeritus of medicine and pathology at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.

Jerry Castafero Executive Business Development

Jerry Castafero was co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PharmaGene LLC before he joined the business development group at Prescient Medicine. He has over 25 years leadership experience in finance, business development, strategic planning, and operations. He coordinates client relationships and optimizes the clinical and financial benefits for partner/clients such as hospitals, clinics, physicians and other healthcare practices. He emphasizes a collaborative win-win strategy in both external client relationships and internally in day to-day operational activities at PharmaGene. Mr. Castafero’s creativity has hastened new growth opportunities company-wide and he has structured multiple processes and systems that have streamlined product delivery to optimize customer satisfaction.

Michael J. Antonoplos Executive Business Development

Michael Antonoplos was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PharmaGene LLC before he joined the business development group of Prescient Medicine . He has served as an officer and board member for two U.S. public companies. In his capacity as CEO for a Bio-Medical company he directed the retirement of millions of note-holder debt and the subsequent investment by the lead note-holder. In addition, he framed and implemented the transition of the company to the OTCBB to be followed by a reverse split. Mr. Antonoplos served on the board of directors as audit committee chairman for a U.S. public company based in China and has served as managing member of two medical diagnostic and screening technology companies. He was instrumental in negotiating licensing rights in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the two technologies which are currently seeking FDA approval.

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