The Company

PGXL is an internationally recognized pioneer in the development of pharmacogenetic testing for clinical use. Founded with the mission of enabling and advancing the practice of personalized medicine, in 2001 PGXL became the first lab CLIA-certified specifically to offer commercial pharmacogenetic tests. It is CAP accredited as well.

The company operates as both a commercial and research laboratory. By straddling these two very different worlds, we’re engaged with the development of personalized medicine at the level of  discovery, assay development, and providing the testing, guidance and information services that empower rapid advances in patient care.

We recognized early-on that the advancement of personalized medicine requires more than simple lab results. Because pharmacogenetics is so complicated and dynamic, the incorporation of genetic testing into medical practice requires knowledge and service all through diagnosis and treatment. PGXL helps physicians determine the right people to test, the right time to test them, and the implications of the test results. We’ve designed our processes to make it easy for physicians to incorporate pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine into their patient care.

The broad application of pharmacogenetics will, we believe, improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. We see no greater cause than helping physicians bring personalized medicine to standard medical practice.

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