Financial Assistance Program

Individually Focused 500

PGXL believes that anyone who needs pharmacogenetic testing should be able to receive it at an affordable price. PGXL’s Financial Assistance Program consists of two different plans:

  • Extended Payment Plan
  • Financial Assistance Plan

The Extended Payment Plan allows you to pay any balance due over a period of up to 12 months. (For balances under $100, payments will be scheduled over six months.) The Extended Payment Plan is interest-free and accrues no service charges, so the entire payment made by you is applied directly to the outstanding balance.

The Financial Assistance Plan allows you to reduce the price of tests if you meet specified income guidelines. Price adjustments under the Financial Assistance Plan are made on a case-by-case basis. To qualify, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application, which you can download in either a PDF version or Microsoft Word version. Or you can call us at 877-564-2199 and we’ll drop a form in the mail.

If your doctor has ordered this pharmacogenetic testing, PGXL is committed to making it affordable for you. It is important that you communicate with us, rather than your doctor’s office, to address any billing concerns quickly and efficiently. If we do not know there is an issue, we can’t help.

Our voice number is 877-564-2199.

Our fax number is 502-569-1054.

Thank you.