PGXL is now licensed in California

PGXL is pleased to announce that we are now licensed to test in the state of California and are now selling in all 50 states.

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by Emily Stines

GLI’s Fast Dozen of 2014

PGXL Laboratories was recently named to the Fast Dozen Showcase as one of the top fastest growing companies headquartered in the Metro Louisville region.

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by Emily Stines

Next Gen Sequencer Arrives

SeuencerThe lab is all aflutter.

by Tom_Johnson

Histology Webinar

NSH_logoJoelle Weaver, PGXL histologist, will give a webinar December 17, 2014, to the National Society for Histotechnology,

Weaver will explain her personal methodology for validating and correlating qualitative-predictive assays, particularly HER2, an important breast cancer biomarker.

Go here for information about the webinar.

by Tom_Johnson

PGXL Tech to Conduct Research for National Cancer Institute

NCI LogoThe National Cancer Institute has contracted with PGXL Technologies, sister company of PGXL Labs, to develop new detection methods for circulating tumor cells. The methods will take advantage of PGXL Tech’s single-cell separation technology. Press release here.

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UofL Celebration of Faculty Excellence

Dr. Mark Linder and Dr. Roland Valdes Jr. were honored by University of Louisville at the 2013 Celebration of Faculty Excellence on Sept. 9. Dr. Linder and Dr. Valdes Jr. were recognized for their patent invention, PerMIT.

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by Emily Stines


Greater Louisville, Inc., Louisville’s Metro Chamber of Commerce, honored PGXL Laboratories with the 2013 Inc.credible Awards for Innovation and Technology. The Innovation and Technology category recognizes a company in the Louisville area that best uses technology to enhance its productivity, operations, and revenue opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to receive GLI’s Inc.credible Award for Innovation and Technology. Greater Louisville, Inc. is such an important part of the city and we are honored to be recognized by them,” says Dr. Roland Valdes Jr., President of PGXL.

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PGXL Named to Business First’s Fast 50 List

Business First has recently selected PGXL Laboratories for the 2013 Fast 50 list. The Fast 50 list recognizes the fastest growing private companies in Louisville.

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by Emily Stines

PGXL Technologies to Add Single-Cell Sorting Technology

Chip 300We’re adding Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArrayTM to our already impressive set of capabilities. DEPArray is a technology that allows researchers to sort samples one cell at a time, delivering the cell purity needed for stringent downstream applications like next-gen sequencing and RNA expression profiling.

Making the DEPArray available is a collaboration between PGXL Technologies and Silicon Biosystems. The DEPArray will be available on a fee-for-service basis beginning Summer, 2013.

The press release about the collaboration is here.


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Patent No Longer Pending

The United States Patent and Trade Office has issued patent number 8380539 for PerMIT, PGXL’s decision support software. The application has been working its way through the process since 2006, and we’d like to congratulate the inventors,  Dr. Roland Valdes, Jr., and Dr. Mark Linder, on the software’s jump from “patent pending” to “patented.”

The longitudinal,  real-time version of PerMIT is in clinical trials. The underlying PerMIT knowledge base and algorithms are being used to prepare the interpretive reports physicians get with every PGXL result.

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