Training Pharmacists in Genetics

Sillivan College of Pharmacy 300PGXL Laboratories will provide genetics training for 3rd year PharmD students from the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy. The five-week clinical rotation will provide students with real-practice experience in the use of genetics to guide drug choice and dosing.

“One of PGXL’s missions is to train the next generation of medical professionals,” says Dr. Roland Valdes Jr., President of PGXL. “For these students, pharmacogenetics will be an important dimension of their practice in enabling personalize medicine. We are thrilled, as part of our community engagement, to be able to jump-start their understanding of this important new discipline.”

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by Tom Johnson

Faster Isolation and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells

Tech Unwraps 500PGXL has upgraded its ability to isolate individual, intact cells, including circulating tumor cells.

The lab installed a faster and more analytically powerful Version 2 DEPArrayTM. The system’s image-based cell identification and electromagnetic capture and manipulation of cells enables the isolation of specific rare cells, leaving behind the contaminants, cell fragments and false positives that can confound downstream analysis. In addition, the DEPArray’s movement of cells is so gentle that living cells can be recovered directly to culture plates.

PGXL Technologies is the only company offering DEPArray service on a contract basis.

Further information and technical specs on the DEPArray are available here.

by Tom Johnson

PGXL Adds NextGen Sequencing

PGXL Technologies, which identifies and developes promising personalized medicine technologies, has validated and is now offering Next Generation Sequencing services.

While NGS is applied across the full spectrum of biological research, it’s having its greatest impact in cancer research and treatment. It enables the timely study of the genetics of particular strains of cancer, which increases the precision with which physicians can treat individual patients.

“That’s why we started with a panel that looks at 24 known cancer-associated genes,” says Dr. Kevin Goudy, director of R&D for PGXL Technolgies. “This is making a big difference fast.”

The NGS complements PGXL Tech’s existing single-cell isolation capability. Together, they provide cell-specific identification with complete phenotypic and genotypic breakdown.

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by Tom Johnson

CAP Accreditation

Downloaded LogoPGXL’s expanded lab has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) after an exacting period of preparation and inspection. PGXL is now both CLIA and CAP certified, testament to our lab staff’s meticulous dedication.

by Tom Johnson

PGXL Software Cleared for Clinical Trials

PeRMIT Warf Logo 541PGXL’s PerMIT software has received regulatory clearance for a clinical trial involving up to 720 patients.

PerMIT:Warfarin is a decision support software that provides a graphic display of historical and projected aspects of warfarin therapy. It analyzes genetic and other data to provide information physicians can apply in the dosing and monitoring of the most commonly prescribed anticoagulant.

An earlier, small study of PerMIT indicated that use of the software got patients to therapeutic stability in a shorter time than those treated without the software. This new clinical trial is designed to determine whether the software reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions in real-world therapy.

To read more about the PerMIT:Warfarin clinical trial, CLICK HERE.

by Tom Johnson

Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneur of hte YearErnst & Young recognizes PGXL’s President, Dr. Roland Valdes Jr., as Entrepreneur of the Year. PGXL began as a scientific insight in Dr. Valdes’ lab at the University of Louisville — that genetic information could be used to predict the efficacy of different treatments for specific patients. PGXL has grown to more than 50 employees with a commitment to bringing the benefits of Personalized Medicine to everyone.

by Tom Johnson

PGXL Begins Analysis of Exosomes and Microparticles

PGXL Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with NX PharmaGen (NXPG) to support the identification of biomarkers using their NeXosome™ microparticle enrichment technology. Exosomes and microparticles, which are found in bodily fluids, aid diagnosis and treatment of cancer, immunological disorders, preterm birth, diseases of the central nervous system and other medical conditions.

Under this partnership, NXPG and PGXL Technologies are forming the PGXL NeXosomeTM Center of Excellence, whose mission is to provide access to advanced technologies that isolate and analyze exosomes and  particles in bodily fluids. This center is the first of its kind to offer access to the NeXosome enrichment platform and downstream  assay development in a CLIA setting, with a mission to accelerate new discoveries into clinically useful applications.

To see the detailed press release on the agreement, CLICK HERE.

To read the technical details of the NeXosome techonlogy, CLICK HERE.

To visit PharmaGen’s website, CLICK HERE.

by Tom Johnson

PGXL Technologies Receives Grant through KY SBIR-STTR Match Program

PGXL Technologies has been awarded $149,910 through the Kentucky Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Matching Funds program. The Kentucky SBIR-STTR funds will be used to match a federal phase NIH/NCI grant contract PGXL Technologies received in September 2013 to fund development of a platform for isolation and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in breast cancer.

To read the entire press release, please click here.

by Tom Johnson

PGXL is now licensed in California

PGXL is pleased to announce that we are now licensed to test in the state of California and are now selling in all 50 states.

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GLI’s Fast Dozen of 2014

PGXL Laboratories was recently named to the Fast Dozen Showcase as one of the top fastest growing companies headquartered in the Metro Louisville region.

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by Tom Johnson