It’s counterintuitive: can more data mean greater simplicity? Our answer is yes. That’s why PRESCIENT MEDICINE has rolled its entire test menu into a single panel: It’s easier. Easier to order. Easier to interpret. Quicker with the information you need to guide your patients to the right therapy.

There are five reasons why Prescient Medicine rolled its entire genetic test menu into a single panel:

1.   Genetics is Forever
Over the course of a lifetime, a patient’s genes don’t change. Prescient Medicine believes in a few years genetic data will be a feature in everyone’s private medical record. Treatment plans will automatically take that data into account. Our panel is a first step toward that. We’ve incorporated 15 different genetic tests into the panel, covering more than 90% of medications. That means a test taken today will provide insight into treatment considered years from now.

2.   Ease of Selection
In the ten years Prescient Medicine has been providing pharmacogenetic tests, one thing has never changed: most doctors aren’t sure what tests to order for which patients. The Prescient Medicine Broad Spectrum panel makes it easy. The answer to “which test?” is: all of them. This will cover 90% of medications with strength of evidence across clinical conditions.

3.   No Waiting for a Second Test
When considering a course of medication, often one gene will provide the right information for one drug. But what if that drug proves problematic, and the next drug under consideration is affected by a different gene? Prescient Medicine’s Broad Spectrum Panel covers 90% of drugs, so there will likely be no need to order – and wait for – a second test.

4.   Broad-spectrum understanding
Continuity of care and treating the whole patient are key. The Prescient Medicine panel does that for physicians. It incorporates both generally applicable and highly specific tests so nothing gets lost in interpretation. It’s all there in our report, which is both simple to understand and incredibly detailed.

5.   Cost
Everyone in health care is concerned with costs. Doctor’s protect their patients from crippling out-of-pocket charges, and everyone is working to make the health care system as a whole less expensive. Prescient Medicine’s advanced technology makes it possible to test many genes for virtually the same cost as testing one.