Information for Patients

Just as your genes dictate things like your height and hair color, they also determine how your body reacts to many medications.

If your doctor has recommended PGXL testing, it is because the information provided by the testing can be used to identify what drug and dosage will be most effective for you. Before you ingest the drug, you will understand how well your body will metabolise and make use of the drug. This decreases the possibility of adverse drug reactions or ineffective treatment, and may get you on the path recovery faster.

Here’s an independent article advocating the use of drug sensitivity testing like ours to decrease the number of adverse drug reactions patients suffer. If you read the article, you’ll understand why so many health care professionals are so excited about the possibilities.

Gathering a DNA sample is easy and painless.

Just rub four cotton swabs on the insides of your cheeks; that’s all it takes. Five-to-ten days after sending in your sample, your doctor will receive a report identifying drugs you should be wary of, along with possible conflicts between drugs you’re already taking.

Insurance reimbursement.

As is always the case with cutting-edge medicine, PGXL testing is not always covered by insurance. While the genetic information provided by PGXL is broadly applicable in psychiatry, cardiology, pain management and other medical specialties, Medicare and many private insurers cover PGXL tests only in certain circumstances. The most common conditions in which PGXL testing is considered “medically necessary” are:

  • Treatment resistant depression
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Chronic pain with depression
  • Patients with polypharmacy
  • Patients experiencing adverse drug reactions

To know for sure, you’ll have to contact your insurance company. Here’s a sheet that explains how to do that.

PGXL progressive pricing and financial assistance

Because PGXL was founded to enable and advance personalized medicine, we have an aggressive price structure designed to make testing affordable for everyone, whether their insurance covers the tests or not. Read more about our pricing here.