Personalized, Precision, Genomic — What To Call What We Do

In any fast-emerging field, it takes a while for the terminology to standardize. It’s no different in pharmacogenetics. There is no concensus on whether to call what PGXL does personalized medicine, precision medicine, genomic medicine or something else.Search Term Use Personalized Med 050615

That lack of standardization may be confusing the public.

Research shows the general public doesn’t have a clue so far about this new type of medicine. In a survey last year of 1,024 consumers, the Washington DC-based Personalized Medicine Coalition found that 6 in 10 respondents had not heard the term personalized medicine. Among those who had heard the term, only 2 in 10 felt well-informed about it.

Google Trends notes the surge of interest in “precision medicine” (shows above, in red) after President Obama used the term, but for the last few years the most popular term has been “personalized medicine.” (The blue line on the chart.) That’s the term we use most around PGXL, because it keeps the focus on the patient in ways that genomic/precision/molecular don’t. They’re perfectly good terms, we just prefer to keep it personal.

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  1. I think another form of precision medicine is that people can be more close to their own data, and willing to give their data to genomic research( They can know exactly what they need.