PGXL Adds NextGen Sequencing

PGXL Technologies, which identifies and developes promising personalized medicine technologies, has validated and is now offering Next Generation Sequencing services.

While NGS is applied across the full spectrum of biological research, it’s having its greatest impact in cancer research and treatment. It enables the timely study of the genetics of particular strains of cancer, which increases the precision with which physicians can treat individual patients.

“That’s why we started with a panel that looks at 24 known cancer-associated genes,” says Dr. Kevin Goudy, director of R&D for PGXL Technolgies. “This is making a big difference fast.”

The NGS complements PGXL Tech’s existing single-cell isolation capability. Together, they provide cell-specific identification with complete phenotypic and genotypic breakdown.

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  1. Steve Griffiths says:

    Excellent progress.Well done.