Pharmacy Practice: Pharmacogenetics is Crucial

Pharmacy Practice News assesses the Personalized Medicine landscape and concludes that continued development and implementation of pharmacogenetic testing and decision support technologies is crucial:

“This really is a drug-related issue. It’s natural for pharmacy to take a leadership role,” said Julie Johnson, PharmD, the dean of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, and who led the launch of University of Florida’s pharmacogenomics program in 2012. “It’s pretty awesome that it’s risen on Obama’s radar,” she added. “It points to the vision that people are unique and that there are things we have to learn both from studies done on large populations and from teasing out differences in individuals.”

Evidence continues to underscore how variations in human genetic makeup may help explain differences in individual responses to treatments for cancer, HIV/AIDS and depression, among other health conditions. To date, 138 drugs including codeine, proton pump inhibitors, abacavir (Ziagen, ViiV) and irinotecan now have genetic data in their FDA-approved product labeling.


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