Rare Cell and NextGen Sequencing

The ability to capture, isolate, identify and analyze single CTCs for known biomarkers associated with disease

PGXL Technologies has develop CTC-isoTECHTM to give researchers a comprehensive platform for analyzing circulating tumor cells from sample processing to single cell analysis. It is configured to recover multiple cell types from a single sample.


Next Generation Sequencing has become to
tool of choice for innovation and exploration in biotech. Whether research requires an
already-validated panel of cancer-associated genes, or a custom assay built to provide specific insight, PGXL Tech provides  reliable and high-depth sequencing for research.

  • >1,000 fold depth of coverage, far exceeding CLIA and CAP standards
  • The ability to design and validate custom assays
  • Identification of clinically relevant mutations across 24 cancer-associated genes, cataloging somatic mutations across hundreds of hotspots
  • Compatibility with a wide range of sample types, including (but not limited to) individual cells, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue and fine-needle aspiration


PGXL Technologies and Silicon Biosystems have partnered to make DEPArrayTM Technology available to clinical researchers across North America.

The DEPArray is the only commercially available, automated system that can find, isolate and recover rare cells – including individual cells. Now, pharmaceutical and CRO clients can easily, and without capital investment, benefit from the recovery of pure cell populations for molecular characterization and heterogeneity studies at the single-cell level.

Using DEPArray technology, PGXL Technologies will collect pure cell populations from your samples that can then be used for downstream analysis.